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Jan 19, 2008
The place was dirty, seats were old and not very comfortable. Non stadium seating. Sound quality is poor. Picture quality is dependant on the moment. Sometimes blurry and flippy. Floor lighting is non existant. Save your money. For the same price, and sometimes less you can go to Cinemaworld at Lincoln Mall about 5 minutes away. I won't go back. Even Patriot Cinemas with their 1.99 all movies admission is a better place.  1
Leigh Anderson
Aug 21, 2007
My husband and I also went to this theater on a Tuesday night and were amazed that we paid $6.50 for the two of us to see The Bourne Ultimatum. This is less than half of the price we would pay at any other movie theater in the area. The seats were quite small and did not recline, but it was clean and quiet, and the sound and picture were clear. This will be a regular Tuesday night for us now!  4
Jun 5, 2007
As i walk through the door i noticed the complete lack of other movie go-ers. I simply shrugged this off and figured, hey its a tuesday evening. I was a little surprised when they charged me for my 2 year old, but i guess they have to make money somehow right. I could have driven a couple more miles and went to Lincoln for the same price, but i figured id save some gas. Little did i know it was the worst decision i had ever made. I walked into the theatre to see that it completely lacked any floor lighting, the floors were covered in a layer of popcorn with a nice stick underneath. The only sound in the theater came from the lone speaker in the center just below the screen. All the makings of a great movie experience. I could tell this one would be a real winner. So we started watching Shrek the 3rd only to watch the screen turn to total blur after a matter of only 15 minutes. Surely someone would fix this right? Well, not until i waited 10 minutes and complained. About 10 minutes after the movie came into focus and we were well under way with this sub par movie experience. Not too long after this happens again. This time the couple, that made up the rest of the people in the theater, went to complain. After about 15 minutes more of blur i decided to complain again as well. We were able to watch the last 20 minutes of film in clarity. When i went to speak to the manager about this the first thing he had to say was that no refunds could be given because we stayed to see the ending. I guess according to apple valley all that matters is the start and end. He managed to utter an apology only after first stating that there was nothing he could do about our terrible movie experience.  1

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