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Worcester, MA 01604
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Food: Italian

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5 Leo's Ristorante Restaurant Reviews
ReviewerServiceSelectionQualityAtmosphereAverage Rating
(1=Poor, 5=Excellent)
4.00 4.20 4.20 4.00 4.10
juliana cappabianca
Jan 25, 2010
5 5 5 5 5.00
Leo's was great!!We Had MY husbands 40,th party on 1/23/10 and he loved the food, The room was great, The service was great. We will be using leo's in the future for our family events. 
Melissa Williams
Dec 8, 2007
5 5 5 5 5.00
My experience at Leo's Ristorante was outstanding. It was nothing compared to other Italian ristorante in our area. I walked through the door and was greeted by a well dressed Hostess. I then was seated in a beautiful area and I noticed the new deco in the ristorante. My husband and I drove from Akron and we told our server(SHARON)that we had an event to attend to, she then felt very interested into where we were going. This made my husband and I feel very comfortable talking to her. Our server pointed out the new menu and told us if we had any questions to just ask her. Between the server and the quality of the food we could not tell what was better. Then durning our dinner we had a gentelman approach our table and ask how was everything? Now that is very professional and caring. My husband and I will return to Leo's very soon. I was also very impress with our servers appearance compared to the others in the ristorante. I write this to inform others about the ristorante appearance and the wonderful server (SHARON) that we had. Thank you for reading and enjoy your experience as we did.  
Sep 17, 2007
1 2 2 1 1.50
I booked an event at this restaurant originally for around 30 people and gave a deposit of $400.00 a month in advance. I received a call from the owner 2 days prior to the event and I confirmed 30 people. Now this event was NOT inexpensive at all. I was planning on paying the 24.95 per person plus tax 5% and 18% tip, which is $920.70. At the day of the event I had 19 guests. I asked to square up with the owner, Frank prior to the dinner. He said we could take care of it after. "No problem", I responded. I was served a veggie platter, which was fine average with carrots, celery, 2 types of cheese and tomatoes. Then an "Italian type Pizza" which was cut up dough in small squares, sauce and melted cheese on top. Served next was the salad, which was very tasty, and the best part of the entire meal. Then for our main course we had Chicken Marcela and Veal Parmesan. The Chicken Marcela was served in chunks of chicken instead of the traditional way of fresh hand pounded chicken breaded with the marshal gravy. This looked more like a stew and my first bite had that hard chicken cartilage I had to remove from my mouth. Not very appetizing. I moved on to the Veal, which was a lot better. I took two bite of my Veal, which was prepared correctly (hand pounded and breaded, pan fried), than had to tend to my two little girls for their meals and when I got back to my plate to finish "It was gone!!" I brought my own cake and was told it would be served with ice cream. Well the waitress served the cake to everyone and then when everyone was almost done she asked it we would like ice cream. I did not get my coffee cup filled nor was I asked. My husband had to walk across the room to get me a coffee. Every time I looked up at the bar the bartender was not there he was busing tables. Honestly, I felt very rushed. When they were taking the food away I asked for the 11 plates that I am paying for to be wrapped to go. The bartender said that they couldnt t do that. I asked why he said that it is all you can eat. I asked what are you doing with the extra food that was made; he said they would donate it to the church. I said well than I only expect to pay for 19 people. So here is the fun part. I went to pay the bill, it was for 30 people. I paid a $400.00 deposit and remaining balance was supposed to be 520.70, I was charged 536.50 and for the 30 people. I asked the owner if I could take home the 11 plates that were not eaten, and I was paying for. He said it was (get this) "AGAINST THE LAW". Now come on I have been in the restaurant business for 20 years and my family even longer. My uncle Umberto Urella cooked at the Italian Kitchen on Shrewsbury St. for over 30 years. I know this is not against the law, it was maybe being a little bit of greed or desperation due to lack of business, from the new competition on Shrewsbury St. Anyway, I expressed my dissatisfaction with this outcome. The owner Frank did not seem to care that I was unhappy and actually engaged in a heated conversation about it in front of my two children. I did not mind paying for the 30 people but I did expect to receive the product for which I paid for, I paid $337.59 for 11 people that were not there I should have at least receive the 11 plates of food at the very least. I feel I have no recourse dealing directly with the owner who just wanted my money not my patronage. I truly felt ripped off, as I am sure that anyone in the world would have given this situation. I will try a different restaurant for my family events in the future. I will never return to Leo's Restaurante in the future. Thank you for reading my experience with this restaurant. I was completely honest and felt mistreated. I wanted to share this with everyone so it doesn't happen to you. Respectfully, Michele Urella Stenman  
Amy Binet
Sep 24, 2002
5 5 5 5 5.00
YUMMY!!! The seafood risotto was outstanding. Our waitress was great--she knew the menu and made solid selections. We will return again and again! 
Ken Gagne
Jan 13, 2001
4 4 4 4 4.00
Pricey, but when isn't good Italian? 

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