Small Business Defense League - Resisting COVID-19 Shutdown

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Date & Time: Monday, June 15, 2020 - Thursday, December 31, 2020
1:00 AM-12:59 PM
Suggested Audiences: Elders, Adult, College
Location: Travel Destination
Cost: Free
Description: We are a group determined to help educate, advise and also show Local Support for Small Businesses who are being unfairly shut down as a result of the COVID-19 Scam.

We are extremely upset and enraged of the negligence and hysteria that has damaged the lives and liveliness of so many People and their Small Businesses in this country, which serve as the backbone of its success and freedom. The restrictions and other measures put in place have harmed Thousands upon Thousands of Businesses which will likely never return.

Coronavirus and everything you have been told about it is nothing but a ruse and a psychological warfare operation geared at controlling people and reconditioning them and to justify massive new shifts and changes to the economy and government. This COVID Scam is designed to initiate Communism and to inflict irreparable damage to Small Businesses, all while Anarchists and Criminal Elements in our society have been given free reign to protest, loot and destroy businesses and hold their public events. These same criminal elements are also supporting and encouraging the defunding and crippling of our Police Departments, which will only lead this country towards Higher Crime, Anarchy and a Colored Revolution.

We do not charge for services except for Transportation in some cases outside of the Central Massachusetts regional zone. This service is being offered as a refuge to offer business owners support, counsel, peace of mind and also clear understanding of this situation and to help further develop community action and alliances based on a common vested interest in thwarting and uprooting Marxist influences and to defend your business's ability to remain in operation. We will help educate you and even your employees on the Fraud and Real Agendas being Social Distancing, Wearing Masks, Over-sanitizing and all the other ridiculous, illegitimate guidelines being imposed on Businesses to continue their operations.

We implore that businesses should defy all so-called "orders" and "restrictions" and the more businesses which choose to open their doors and remain in defiance will dissolve any ability for the States to enforce these bogus orders. Please understand that if you choose not to fight in this struggle against these unconstitutional orders, that there will be no choice or hope in this scam ever disappearing, as it is designed to impose a coup which is well under way and dictatorship.

Only by Ruthlessness and a Fierce Determination of our vested interest can we raise a powerful resistance against the Communist Forces which are littered all around our country and are composed of a network of criminals of the highest order. The type of Ruthlessness you must have is a type that is even Off-putting. If you are not angry and full of vitriol, you are not paying attention! Endless people have been ripped off by this massive hoax and meanwhile the entire economy is being looted behind the scenes while you stay in your homes.

While our focus is generally in the Central Massachusetts area, we willing to negotiate offers for support outside of Central Massachusetts within the New England area.

Please send us an E-mail with your Telephone Number and brief description of your situation and we will gladly contact you and meet with you in-person.
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